25 July 2017

“Melancholy Baby”


An Original Collection of Provocative and Powerful Essay's by R. B. STUART. Her Work Begins and Ends at the Crux of Truth, Sorrow and Humor---Capable of Slicing Through Your Psyche and Piercing Your Heart.

Post Thirty-Nine

     Your face haunted me from the very beginning,

A wisp of your eyes forever lingering.

     Life was the Nile that kept us apart,

Death was the mule bringing us together by cart.  

     Your strong clutch had the warmth of home tucked in its grip,

I panted as tasting your kisses…tugged at my lip.    

     Through the hours, the days I listened to the melody of your voice,

You remained perplexed, and saddled by choice.  

     As the notes of Sinatra tip toed across the bass,  

I waited for your arm to twirl me to outer space.   

     I fed you from my hand, my mind, my heart,

But your conflict rested, on the weary tree tops.  

     While your mind riddled with thoughts of love,

I coaxed your arms open for a deep seated hug.   

     A moan, a groan bellowed from your chest,

As my face hooked, on the nape of your neck.

     The manliness wafted throughout my senses,

Stopped you from moving, past the fences.

     Your judgment clouded by an awkward goodbye,

Ended on the pavement, at your door with a short drive.   

     I beckoned forty years to capture us within,      

But fear claimed space first…and bound it with sin.

     Casting an uncertain dye across the sky,

Gray clouds broke the blue heavens apart,

     The laughter, and joy seemed to banish from our heart.

If that orange tree had room for two,  

     Climbing together we’d both see the view.

If each day I could tell you how good you are,

     You still couldn’t hear me as your mind has wandered, much too far.  

My name no longer lingers in your ear,

     Consumed by caution what I say isn’t clear.

The words are suspended but you won’t let them out,

     Percolating through crevices they are drowning in doubt.          
A fog of grief has engulfed my pain,

     When I opened my eyes…nothing was the same.

Father Time is accelerating much too fast,

     Already recent memories are part of the past.  

I raised my head from the crib, and found myself 20 overnight,

     I turned my head to the left…and found my life drifting, out of sight.

I fear as I lower my head to a pillow…and turn to the right,

     My life may be complete…and I lost the chance for the love of my life.       

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