27 April 2015

"If it Were a Dogs World"


An Original Collection of Provocative and Powerful Essay's by R. B. STUART. Her Work Begins and Ends at the Crux of Truth, Sorrow and Humor---Capable of Slicing Through Your Psyche and Piercing Your Heart.

Post Thirty-Six

If dogs ruled the world instead of humans, and we were their domesticated pets, and in turn they used our Canine tactics, laws and rules upon us----how would that change the way we feel about their injustices?


If we gave birth to a baby and they took it away from us at 8 weeks old and sold it to another family without out permission---our heart would break with torment and despair…how could we go on loving…or living.  

If they sent certain women to live in cages where they were allowed to only mingle to procreate during menstruation, then birth another baby and remove the suckling infant from its mother’s breast, only to be sold to a childless family---it would be a near crucifixion to our Soul.  


If they decided a few years after adopting a human pet, that they didn’t like the way it behaved, or how much time it took caring for it, or how expensive it was because it had a disease or illness---and no longer wanted the responsibility. They freed themselves from the burden by pushing the baby out on the side of the road for someone else to deal with---and if that baby survived---it would be psychologically scarred for the rest of its life.

If they tied up the strongest, most muscular males to a tree in their front yard, to use as protection for their home…without shelter, nourishment or interaction, we would wither in sadness and desolation.

If they had a mass vote to keep population under control, and decided to castrate all the men, and give hysterectomies to all women, no matter what the age---we would be blinded with rage at such a violation against humanity.

                      Smokey, my family abandoned him

If their human pet had grown old and was grey with hopelessness, its head slung low, and riddled with arthritis, they assumed it was time for you to die. They’d take you to a facility where an injection is used to kill you in seconds---then stuff your lifeless body into a thick, black plastic bag. And without celebration or fanfare, of what a great companion, protector and friend you had become---drag you across the graveled ground and leave you at a dumpster

But it is not a Dog’s World…it is a human world that dogs cohabitate with us. It isn’t that they don’t remember any pain, suffering or betrayal that we inflict upon them. They do---they just choose to accept it as part of loving you, and being by your side. They reason, we must know what’s best….
If it were a Dogs World, it would be filled with compassion, love, understanding, acceptance, joy, comfort and forgiveness. As they would never, unequivocally----mistreat, harm, endanger, abandon, or exploit…us.

So remember when adopting a pet, you are becoming a forever family, a permanent home for a creature who didn't have a choice in who takes them, why you have decided to turn their world upside down with human conformity, when they become part of your life, what you do with them, where they live or how they are treated. Treat your furry, lifelong friend with the kindness, respect, patience, devotion and unconditional love they so freely give. For with them in your life---you experience a joy and enrichment that no other human could provide..... 


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