05 April 2014

“The Sea Beckons Me”

An Original Collection of Provocative and Powerful Essay's by R. B. STUART. Her Work Begins and Ends at the Crux of Truth, Sorrow and Humor---Capable of Slicing Through Your Psyche and Piercing Your Heart.

Part Thirty-Two 

The sea beckons me; 
Its blue majesty pulls me to the shore,  
The dreams of her beauty---glistens forever more.

The sea beckons me;   
The tides can’t be undone,    
My letters seep into the wet sand---until there were none.    

The sea beckons me;     
On a journey to the past,    
Where loved ones wait hovering---around the tarnished mast. 

The sea beckons me;       
My heart simply broke apart---fragmented pieces splashed into art.  

The sea beckons me;  
At long last time is forced to stop,   
Into the salts my body will merge---silently weeping her final sojourn.     

The sea beckons me;      

The days will linger on,   
The sun will shimmer through her silkened, golden hair,   
Formed like buttercups---scooping up droplets of care.

The sea beckons me;    
Folding me into the sea layer upon layer,        
Until the only reflection---are waves breaking bare.    
Farewell, the sea beckons me;   
Back home where I belong,      
If you listen carefully---the winds will carry my song. 

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