13 February 2010

“Bill Gates and The Number 8”

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Part Twenty

In November, CNBC’s program BIOGRAPHY highlighted gazzilionaires Bill Gates and Warren Buffett. William H. III has become the official gate to the buffet of money left behind by his partner in wealth, equally as lucky, rabbits foot up the wazoo, four leaf clover ingrained in the palm of his hand---Warren. So selfless are these two magical moneymen….that they can’t bare to leave any of it to their children [well not really any dough…just pittance compared to their amassed wealth], and are donating the majority to their beloved charities.

Was it simply luck of the draw in the sperm bank of life when these two men where conceived---or will the trio of Gates offspring be just as gifted in ideas made of green----as is their royal-flush holding papa. Either way I had hoped by watching the televised special on the life of Gates…that maybe somehow the divine universe would send a little-Buddha-belly-rubbing my way. But it’s been three months now and I’m still a pauper---the only green thing coming my way is chlorine-bleached hair and mold.

So I’ll press on in my fascination with his life story and explore the coincidences of the number eight that surfaced.

William H. Gates: the letter H is the 8th letter of the alphabet

Born: October 28, 1955

On his SAT’s math test he scored: 800

His first computer model: Altair 8800

Early on he merged his Altair with a company in New Mexico: address 819 Two Park Central Tower

His business relationship ended in N. M and he moved to Seattle: in 1978

The CEO of IBM wanted his operating system for a P. C.: in 1980

Gates’ revenue was up and his employee’s increased from: 1978 to 1981

Microsoft was used throughout the world: by 1983

His partner Paul Allen was diagnosed with an illness: at age 28

Gates’ face graced the cover of Time Magazine: in 1984

Windows Software was debuted in Apple: in 1986

Gates took the company public: in 1986

Future wife and staffer Melinda French: was 28 when they met

Her birthday: in August / 8th month

The senate charged Microsoft with a monopoly pursuing an antitrust trail: in 1998

Bill Gates left Microsoft to work full time at their Gates Foundation: in 2008

Since the recent release of Microsoft 7.0: next version is 8.0

In 2013: Bill will be 58 years old, and maybe he’ll release Microsoft 8.0

In numerology, the Tarot version, the number eight represents JUSTICE. Its attributes, similar to his, follow.

Number 8: You are inspiring, result-oriented, powerful, ambitious, visionary, generous, perseverant, forgiving, broad-minded, money-conscious and self-disciplined. You have the potential for enormous success and the possibility to accumulate great wealth. You are also a good judge of character a natural leader and a survivor.

Career choices:
Manager, investor, entrepreneur, business person, scientist, politician, financial expert, real estate, politician, athlete.

Weaknesses: Stubborn, intolerant, impatient, stressed, materialistic, impatient with people, arrogant and reckless. You have the power to accumulate great wealth, but you also susceptible to loosing everything. You are a gambler, you have a strong desire for luxuries and you can fall for corruption. You have to find a balance between the spiritual and the material world. Learn to use your power for benefit of mankind.

And that he has……

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